Opportunities to enhance your visit to the Czech Republic

Glass working (Prague)

Glass production is one of the most traditional industries of the Czech Republic. Masters of this craft use a mobile workshop with a work bench and two ovens - one to heat the glass and other one to cool it slowly. A leading Czech glass sculpture artist and his assistants will be demonstrating their craft in front of you. But moreover, you will also have a chance to try to blow out the glass sphere yourself and buy some of the glass products that will be on display.

Caving (Southern Moravia)

Southern Moravia is the best place to visit beautiful limestone caves with stunning karst formations. Do not expect paved footways, railing and electric lights. You will have to climb, crawl or balance to reach the end, but the reward will be an unforgettable experience. All tours are with professional guides and equipment.

Cooking Class (Prague)

Discover the secrets of Bohemian cuisine and learn how to prepare home-made dumplings or bake the traditional strudel. An enjoyable live culinary show, during which you can become a ‘chef’ for a while and try your creative ideas and learn how to cook selected fine meals (from Czech cuisine) while following the masters of this field. Later join at the table to digest your own hand-made lunch or dinner.

Hot Air Ballooning (Southern Bohemia or Moravia)

Hot air ballooning is an experience of a lifetime. Autumn being probably the best season, colourful balloons sailing over the sky are always a beautiful sight. Enjoy the wonders of the Czech countryside –in southern Bohemia or Moravia where you can finish your day by tasting the delicious wine.


The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe with quite a varied landscape. This makes it a fine, but surprisingly overlooked, birding destination. It boasts rich mosaics of different habitats and thus offers endless opportunities for birding. Except for winter, the country has good birding conditions all year round, but as with most European countries, spring is overall best. The checklist of birds of the Czech Republic contains over 400 species (including all European woodpecker species!) and those are breeding birds, migrants, as well as wintering birds.

Wood carving

Create your own wooden bowl or any other item! Half day programme led by experienced woodcarvers where we promise you will fall in love with wood. All necessary gear will be available for you and by the end of the day you can take home with you a brand-new hand-made wooden bowl or statue.

Family roots tracking

Ancestors from the Czech Republic? Discover your family past. Family roots tracking tours are all individual and personalised. Possible pre- and post-tour cooperation includes help with archive search, negotiating with local authorities, access to historical resources, creation of complete family tree.

Czech beer

Daytrip to north-western Bohemia – a land that is truly a centre of Czech beer industry. We will take you to places not often visited by tourists, but still beautiful and important in the history of the Czech Republic.

First, we will set of from Prague to Žatec – a small town in the west, that lies in the middle of world-renowned hop-growing region. In Žatec we will visit the Hop & Beer Temple. During the visit, many secrets of hop growing and good beer brewing will be revealed. Of course, beer tasting will conclude the tour followed by lunch in local restaurant. Afterwards we head towards the ‘holy’ mountain of Říp, crucial in our history. En route back to Prague we will stop at the little village of Únětice, where you will be able to taste the locally brewed beer.

Wine tour (Southern Moravia)

The best wine producing regions can be found in Southern Moravia. White wines from the area have won awards at many international competitions. Some of the most popular types are Veltlínské zelené, Müller-Thurgau, Ryzling Vlašský and Moravian Muscat. Another wine growing area is located just north of Prague near the towns of Melnik and Litomerice. We can customise the tour according to your preferences, taking advantage of our close personal contacts with many wine makers. We will include small family-run wineries following the old traditions of wine making, with modern progressive enterprises.

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