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Honey-coloured buildings, fascinating history and sun-kissed islands

Croatia's superb islands and beaches are gradually being discovered and appreciated, whilst the rest of the country still has many wonderful treasures ready to be explored.

The main draw for many visitors are the myriad of beautiful islands lying off the coast. Exotic, stylish hideaways exist alongside practical, homely fishing villages. On the mainland, Croatia’s history is one of invasion and occupation leaving a legacy of diverse architecture with Venetian palaces and Roman ruins, Soviet monuments and Slavic churches. Croatia’s own borders describe divisions of ancient and more recent empires. The landscapes ranges from Alpine mountains, ideal for trekking or cycling to marshy wetlands, perfect for spotting birds. Limestone hills hide lakes, caves and spectacular waterfalls, whilst fairy-tale castles protect the northern passes and old trade routes. Throughout the country simple, fresh food is served from local ingredients and accompanied by quality Croatian wines.

Hvar harbour in Dalmatia
Hvar harbour in Dalmatia

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